Additional Accomplishments

2015/2016 Accomplishments

Here are some of the accomplishments for the winter season (October 2015 until April 2016) funded by the donations to the Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund.

Accomplished with a 5 person trail crew and a lot of volunteer help.
Highlights include:

  • 140 miles of maintenance done by USFS crew (does not include maintenance done by volunteers)
  • 5.6 miles of new trail constructed (Skywalker, Over Easy, Manzanita, Scorpion, Pyramid in Sedona area)
  • 1.9 miles of reroutes/heavy maintenance (retaining walls, major tread work, etc.) completed.

Arizona Conservation Corps (AZCC) 2 person crew for 12 weeks helping with maintenance on trails near Sedona

Forest Service coordinated more than 70 volunteer trail work events for trail work in the Sedona area and had over 800 volunteers come out to help throughout the season. This adds up to over 4000 volunteer hours. All with a perfect safety record and smiles at the end of the season!


    USFS 2016 trail crew funded in part by SRRTF
    Trail surface rock armoring
    Trail crew drainage work
    Old Post Trail reroute
    Fence repair along trail
    New Trail Construction
    Boulder removal off trail
    2016 Trail Volunteers